Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here's an illustration I completed late last year but forgot to post (here and in the shop) due to the holiday chaos and illness that occurred shortly after it's completion. At least it's posted in time for Valentine's. :)

I just got note that my work was nominated on "The Poppies" under the affordable art category. Here's the link if you'd like to vote for your favorite affordable artist, whoever that may be. :)


Adriana said...

wow, Yumi, lovely work! do you do custom made headers for blogs? If so, I´m interested... ;) thanks and congrats on the great pieces!

gnomeangel said...

OMG! It's awesome! So beautiful! I can't wait till you're back from holidays and the store is open again. :) I love it!!!

Rachel Follett said...

So beautiful! I just checked out your etsy shop and it's beautiful! If you are ever interested in becoming a seller on Lovely Clusters we would love to have you!